Fanfare for the Common Man

L’HOMME ARME Written to reflect the deep bonds between England and Aquitaine featuring the solo piccolo trumpet of Crispian Steele-Perkins.


The collaboration between the Brass Players of Aquitaine and London began in 1981 with a tour of French Gothic and Roman Cathedrals. The chemistry of the heroic French style and more introverted artistry of the English proved instantly popular. This 1993 collection presents some of the finest writing for brass from composers as diverse as Aaron Copland, Carlo Gesualdo and Henry Purcell, and features two of Richard Harvey’s own compositions; the harmonically rich “La Citadelle” and “L’Homme Armé”, based on one of the most popular themes in France throughout the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance.

Fanfare for the Common Man: The Brass of Aquitaine and London Directed by Richard Harvey.

ASV Digital

℗ 1993 Academy Sound & Vision Ltd.CD
DCA 870

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