Jake’s Progress


Described by writer Alan Bleasdale as “an exploration of what parents do to children and what children do to parents”, this 1995 epic tragi-comedy trails the life of a struggling couple, to whom parenthood has come late and unexpected. Events take a tragic twist as a fortune-teller reveals that father Jamie will have an affair… just before he dies. As Jamie becomes drawn inexorably towards his fate, BAFTA award-winning collaboration Richard Harvey and Elvis Costello, render an equally heartbreakingly brilliant score, full of all the twists and surprises of the series itself.

Elvis Costello and Richard Harvey Original Music from the Channel Four Series “Jake’s Progress” by Alan Bleasdale.

Demon Soundtracks © 1995 Channel Four Television Corporation, 1995 Demon Records Ltd.

℗ 1995 Demon Records Ltd.

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