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Composer Interview: Richard Harvey with Kaya Savas

In July Richard gave an interview with Kaya Savas for Film.Music.Media: "The wonderfully talented and incomparable Richard Harvey takes some time to chat about his newest score to The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) that he co-scored with Hans Zimmer. Richard takes us on an enlightening journey about his career and his views on the [...]
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Classical Movie Reel

A compilation of classically inspired tracks that feature many of Richard’s scores for a wide range of movies.¶

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Perception from RH on Vimeo.


Check out this track from Fired Earth Music 22 Epic Heart: An intelligent, sophisticated orchestral drama, with a melancholic and mysterious opening, shimmering with wonder, featuring a beautiful choral atmosphere to give an ethereal feel for sci-fi with human drama. Uplifting and emotive orchestral cues full of inspiration, intrigue and wonder...¶ Perception Composer: Richard A. [...]
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