The Da Vinci Code

‘Kyrie for the Magdalene’ Composed by Richard Harvey, featuring the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the Crouch End Festival Chorus.


In May 2006 Composer Richard Harvey helps crack the "Da Vinci Code". Based on Dan Brown's exhilarating thriller, "The Da Vinci Code" sees Tom Hanks and Sir Ian McKellen embark upon a breathless quest behind the veil of a mysterious ancient society to uncover a secret that stretches deep into the vault of history and threatens to overturn over 2000 years of accepted dogma.

Richard partnered up with the world-renowned film composer Hans Zimmer to produce a beautiful choral contribution to the highly successful box office hit's score. The haunting "Kyrie for the Magdalene" can be found on the official soundtrack album.

Uncover the secret...

Audio CD (15 May 2006)
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Decca (UMO)

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