Silk and Bamboo


This inspired collection emphasises the serenity of music and how across both centuries and nations it can evoke the beauty of nature. The silken sounds of classical guitarist Hucky Eichelmann’s delicate playing blend perfectly with Richard Harvey’s impressive array of exotic instruments, from bamboo flutes, panpipes and ocarinas, to the xiao, psaltery and bawu. From Ecuador to Korea and spanning 6 centuries “Silk and Bamboo” (2001) is a fitting collaboration for the performers, who have distilled a wealth of musical experience into this long awaited debut CD.

Silk and Bamboo

Hucky Eichelmann / Richard Harvey

AMI Records; © 1970 Editions Max Eschig

2000 Fireworks Music Ltd. 2001 Asia Music International Ltd

℗ 2001 Asia Music International Ltd.

AMI CD 2001-05

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